Learn everything about the game of golf

. . . except hitting the ball

The Essentials of Golf DVD

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  • Learn Golf Etiquette
  • Essentials of Golf Revealed
  • Find out what every golfer needs to know!
  • Inside information from the pros

Great for golfers of all ages

boygolferAdvanced, intermediate and beginning players.

Endorsed by golf champions and golf professionals.

Golf Course Superintendents Association of AmericanNational Golf Course Owners AssociationNational Golf Foundation

Inside GuideAn inside guide to GOLF every player should have
UnderstandUnderstand the time-honored traditions of course rules
Pro GuideFrom warm up to the clubhouse, know what the pros do
Endorsed by professionalsEndorsed by professionals and sport champions
Great for allGreat for advanced, intermediate and beginning players

Hosted by Past President of the PGA of America, Tom Addis III
Commentary from CBS Sportscaster and "golfing great", Lanny Wadkins
Narrated by legendary sports commentator and radio host, Charlie Jones